Focus And Scope

The Journal of Cakrawala management business journal [CM-BJ] publishes papers on the Indonesian management and business for international academicians, practitioners, regulators, and public societies.

The Cakrawala management business journal [CM-BJ] accepts empirical or conceptual papers with any methods or approach, particularly those that are relevant to the economic and business issues, which fit one of three salient disciplines: (1)Management, (2) Business, and (3) Entrepreneurship. These fields are further divided into the following specific areas:

Management : Marketing, Financial, operational research, and resourching.

Business: consumer behavior, organizational behavior, strategic management, operations and innovation, ethics, accounting management.

Entrepreneurship: small business, home industry and all scope of entrepreneurship.

The aforementioned are just indicative, and the board of editors in principle, welcome rigorous articles that encompass scientific management, business and entreprenesurship fields on Indonesia.